Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Answers to frequently asked questions about Hosting. In this section, we have collected all the answers to the most frequently asked questions that our technical support encounters every day.

Frequently Asked Questions About Web Hosting. Questions and answers about websites and web hosting. We hope you find this information useful. 

Shared Hosting

This is a special type of hosting where sites share the same physical server with many other users, effectively reducing the cost of hosting. While shared hosting shares resources like processor, RAM, bandwidth, and disk space, your files are protected and isolated from others.
Our shared hosting plans include cPanel, which provides easy-to-use hosting with great features and options.
AlexHost includes email hosting for all sites hosted by us, all of our shared hosting plans come with email hosting included, unlimited email accounts can be created.
AlexHost servers are completely Linux. But you can easily install Microsoft on a VPS or dedicated server.

VPS / VDS Servers

Yes, of course, just contact our experienced team and they will help you with the update. You can call us at +373 22878787 or send a request to the support service.
Yes, you get full admin access through your customer portal. This allows you to login and manage your VPS via SSH for Linux or RDP for Windows.
You can use our Client Portal to administer your VPS or if you want to avoid manual configuration of your server, you can add Plesk or cPanel for a more convenient management interface.
There is no difference. It is one and the same service that users call differently.

Dedicated servers

Our servers are physically located in Moldova.
We offer the following control panel options WebMin (free), Plesk and Cpanel (paid).
Hardware changes can be made at any time on any of our servers. This can affect your settings and monthly recurring payments.
By default, each dedicated server is given 1 static IP address. For an additional fee, you can buy as much as you need.
You can reboot your server yourself at any time free of charge. This is one of the many benefits of having your own dedicated server.

Windows Dedicated Server

Windows and Linux have different control panels: cPanel for Linux server and Plesk for Windows. If you like Windows and its components, then host your site on a dedicated Windows server, it has a clear interface. In the case of a Linux VDS server, you get benefits such as performance, speed and stability.
The list is long, it supports popular languages ​​like ASP.NET, Net Framework, C #, ASP classic, MSSQL (Microsoft SQL Server), Visual Basic Development, ASP.NET, MS Access (Microsoft Access) and others.
You can request an update to your server resources at any time. Just let us know and we'll add resources to your plan immediately.
Usually, We don't provide a trial version. If you want to try our service, then the only way is to purchase our service.

SSL certificates

When you change a hosting company, consider that your CSR / RSA pair has been cracked, for this you need to reissue your SSL encryption certificate. Changing the contact information in the certificate may also require a reissue. Generate a new CSR / RSA pair and save your RSA for later installation. Usually the user can do this.
Once your SSL certificate has been purchased, the next step is to generate a CSR on the server that hosts your site. You will need a dedicated IP or SNI technology active for any shared servers. It is also important to use a web host that supports other SSL certificates.
A certificate consists of information that contains: version, serial number, search algorithm identifier, publisher name, validity period, certificate subject, subject public key information, publisher, subject, add-on identifier, signature.
SSL certificates are issued for a period of 1-2 years.
When purchasing an SSL certificate, the expiration date is encoded by the certification authority and cannot be changed. If you are using AlexHost as your SSL provider, we will contact you via email to remind you to take action.
Only Certification Authorities are authorized to issue SSL certificates. We partner with: Comodo, Thawte, GlobalSign, DigiCert, and GeoTrust.