Server and Rack Colocation

Name of service Traffic PSU Watts Bandwidth Period Price
RACK Unit(s)
Traffic PSU Watts 350 W Bandwidth 1 Gbps Shared Port Period 50€ Rent
Traffic PSU Watts 350 W Bandwidth 1 Gbps Shared Port Period 60€ Rent
Traffic PSU Watts 350 W Bandwidth 1 Gbps Port Period 1200€ Rent
vps features 1
2 substations
vps features 2
Anti-DDoS protection
vps features 5
24-27 degrees Celsius
  • Our colocation service is safe, flexible, efficient and resilient. Safeguard your equipment in a secure environment.
  • All server colocations are set in a tech savvy, secure data center equipped with cooling and fire detection sensors, round the clock video surveillance.
  • We offer flexible colocation solutions for medium-large sized business.

Cost of additional services

Name of service

Service price

Additional IP 1€ (monthly)
Reinstalling the operating system free (one-time)
Replacing hardware on a server hosted by colocation free (one-time)
Server administration 20€ (hourly)
Additional socket (subject to availability) free (monthly)
Add. power supply 100W (subject to availability) 8€ (monthly)
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  • Your server hardware will be located in our own data center in Chisinau. Uninterrupted power supply ensures a completely autonomous operation of our Data Center, and additionally affects the quality of power supply to your servers.
  • AlexHost is ready to place your servers in standard 19 ”rack racks, to connect to an electrical source and to the Internet.
  • If your equipment is geographically not located in the city of Chisinau, it is delivered through the transport service and our specialists install it in the data center on their own.

Benefits of Colocation from AlexHost

SSD Disk Drives

Data center is powered by 2 independent substations. Switching between inputs is provided by personal ATS. The total feeder capacity is 1.6 Megawatts.

Power continuity is provided by UPS’s and personal SDMO diesel generator.


Two independent inputs from two companies: 10 Gbps /s each. At the moment, the total channel width is 20 Gbit/s. The channels are constantly expanding, under the necessities and/or needs of our major Customers.


Each cable has been lovingly crimped and thoroughly verified for efficiency. The network is based solely on the cables of 6th category. Routing within the network is provided by Cisco.


Constant temperature in the data-center is maintained within 24-27 degrees Celsius. Cooling is reserved under N + 1 scheme. The average annual is PUE 1.2.


Data-center is being guarded by 2 independent security agencies. The whole area preceding data-center has installed surveillance cameras and security guards throughout the perimeter.


Anti-DDos attacks up to 1 TeraBits per second security measures:
Protection provided by Voxility. Direct optical channel to Romania to Voxility data-center is provided by our partners.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What kind of equipment (rack) is in your data center?
We have standard cabinets 19 inches wide and at least 100 cm deep. Each rack has two independent power inputs and an automatic transfer switch (ATS). We connect servers with 2 power supplies to different inputs without using ATS. All server cabinets are equipped with doors with locks and are under 24-hour video surveillance.
Please, tell me if you have any discounts on colocation?
Our system of discounts is valid for placing a large amount of equipment.
Can I customize the colocation service to my requirements?
Of course, our services can be customized to suit any business requirement.